TravelBudget. Privacy Policy

Stefan Galler and Janine Wenzel developed this app to support travelers maintaining an overview over their budget and expenses. Privacy is great concern of ours.

Data collection

All data you enter to the app is only stored on your device. If there will be a backup functionality introduced to the app in the future we are going to ask for your consent before saving your data anywhere else.
To ensure the quality of the app, anonymous data is collected. At no time this data is stored by us. This data will be processed by third parties (see “Third Parties”).

Log Files

In case of an app crash, data connected to this crash is stored in log files. To be able to improve the app and remove the cause of the crash this data will be processed by third parties.


To improve the quality of the app, usage data is collected to derive user statistics. For this reason cookies are used to identify the user. IP addresses are only used in anonymised form. These cookies have a time to live of 14 months.

Third Parties

Following third party services are used:

Your Rights

Your data is only used for the specified purpose and will not not be sold. You have the right to withdraw your consent at any time. This is possible in the settings menu of the app. After withdrawing your consent the usage of the app is no longer possible.
At the moment, no personal data is being stored by us. In case this changes in the future we are going to inform you and collect your consent. Should this be the case you have the right to receive information about all data stored about you and the right to have this data deleted.


In case of any questions feel free to contact us: